What is a Physical Therapist Assistant

A Physical Therapist Assistant (sometimes called a Physical Therapy Assistant or PTA) works under the supervision of a physical therapist and help with many of the important activities of physical therapists. They help therapists to be much more productive. Tasks that a physical therapy assistant may perform include helping patients with exercises and exercise programs, evaluating and testing patients, using pain relieving techniques and modalities, assisting with patient mobility, and sometimes even performing massage.

With the increasing number of disabled individuals as well as the increasing population of the elderly, the demand for physical therapist assistants is growing and is predicted to continue to grow for many years to come. In addition, due to continued cut-backs and cost-cutting measures in the health care industry, health facilities are more and more frequently making use of multiple assistance working under the guidance of a few physical therapists, rather than having more physical therapists on staff.

Physical therapist assistants are generally required to have degree from an accredited college. According to Salary.com, “A typical Certified Physical Therapist Assistant working in the United States earns a median base salary of $38,759, according to our analysis of data reported by corporate HR departments. Half of the people in this job earn between $35,788 and $41,973.”

Other positions somewhat similar to this career is the Physical Therapist

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