What is a Physical Therapist Aide?

A Physical Therapist Aide has many duties in a physical therapy environment that, like the physical therapy assistant, help to make physical therapists more productive. For example, a physical therapy aide is often responsible for keeping the treatment area clean and well prepped. The physical therapy aide may also assist patients in their preparation for treatment. In larger work settings, physical therapy aides may also do clerical tasks such as ensuring necessary items are in stock as well as doing paperwork, including assisting with the maintenance of patient records.

Unlike a physical therapist or a physical therapy assistant, a Physical Therapist Aide generally is not required to have a degree. Training for this position is often gained purely on the job. According to PayScale.com, the average salary for a physical therapy aide in the United States ranges from approximately $17000/year to $30000/year, depending on the state.

Other positions somewhat similar to this career is the Physical Therapist Assistant.

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