Quick Quiz: Musculoskeletal Anatomy

Dissection of Shoulder Muscles - Hawkins Test
Illustration of Shoulder, Arm, and Hand Anatomy
[CC BY 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

How well do you know your human anatomy? This quick quiz focuses on the musculoskeletal system with an emphasis on facts related to physical therapy. Resist your urge to Google the answers. How well will you do?

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Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy

Renowned for its comprehensive coverage and engaging, storytelling approach, the bestselling Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy, 9th Edition, guides students from initial anatomy and foundational science courses through clinical training and practice. A popular resource for a variety of programs, this proven text serves as a complete reference, emphasizing anatomy that is important in physical diagnosis for primary care, interpretation of diagnostic imaging, and understanding the anatomical basis of emergency medicine and general surgery.

Musculoskeletal Anatomy Coloring Book

First published more than 20 years ago, Special Tests for Orthopedic Examination, now in its Fourth Edition, continues to follow the authors’ initial goals of providing a simple, pocket-sized manual for practical learning purposes.

Anatomy Flash Cards

300 full-color cards on 14 human-body systems, with images on one side and label text on the other so that students can test themselves easily. 

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