Sitting is Killing You

This is a great infographic about the negative effects of sitting. It was created by Medical Billing & Coding and is definitely worth a look.

A few of the interesting items on the graphic are:

  • we spend more time sitting than sleeping
  • sitting 6+ hours a day makes you 40% more likely to die within 15 years than someone who sites less than 3
  • obese people sit 2.5 more hours per day than thin people
  • calorie burning drops to 1 per minute when you are sitting
  • each extra hour of watching tv = 11% higher death risk
  • sitting in a reclined position puts less strain on your back

Sitting Is Killing You

Via: Medical Billing And Coding

3 thoughts on “Sitting is Killing You”

  1. Avatar for Physical Therapy Web

    This is very informative and beneficial to everyone. so, i have one question would it help people who sits 8 hrs a day for work if they use an ergobike while sitting?

  2. Avatar for Physical Therapy Web
    Eric Furbeck, PT

    This information is, overall, very good and should be made available to the general public at every age. However, the one suggestion involving an office chair placed at a 135 degree angle may actually increase strain on the lower back as people usually fall back into a slouched position as the lordosis (natural curve) is lost. The pelvis rolls back and lumbar vertebrae are at more risk to gradually cause a disc displacement. Aside from the points I have addressed, I might consider posting this information on a “wellness wall” at our clinic for our patients and clients to see.

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