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9 Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain – Infographic

Last Post we shared an infographic that illustrated how big of a problem low back pain is. We can all do our part in improving the situation by changing our habits a little and by regularly doing some simple exercises and stretches. If you’re unsure of what the best exercises and stretches are to prevent low back pain, look no further than this helpful infographic. It includes 5 Stretches and 4 Exercises.


  1. Sphinx (lumbar extension)
  2. Hamstring floor stretch
  3. Knee to chest
  4. Bridge
  5. Knee rolls/spine stretch


  1. Walking
  2. Rowing
  3. Exercise bike
  4. Swimming/water therapy

While there are many other exercises and stretches that may fit the bill as well, this is a nice and simple introduction to a pretty safe place to start.

Thanks to Health Of Back .com for providing the infographic.

9 Best Exercises and Stretches for Lower Back Pain
How Big of a Problem is Low Back Pain - Thumbnail

How Big of a Problem is Low Back Pain

Perhaps you’ve struggled with low back pain before and think that you are in the minority. Or, you think that low back pain is rare and only happens to other people. Low back pain is actually a huge problem for all of us, either directly or indirectly. This insightful infographic points out some of the problems, causes, types, and more. It also includes some useful exercises to help prevent low back pain.

For more, check out this infographic with more exercises and stretches to prevent low back pain.

Thanks to Health Of Back .com for providing the infographic.

How Big Of A Problem Is Low Back Pain

Interesting Facts about Yoga – Infographic

Yoga is very popular these days, and with good reason. There are many benefits from its regular practice. The following infographic illustrates many interesting facts around its popularity and growth, about your typical yogi, and more.

The 4 sections of the infographic are:

  1. The Growing Industry of Yoga
  2. Profile of the Yogi
  3. Interesting Facts About Yoga
  4. What is Pushing the Popularity of Yoga?

This info graphic is created by Djina from



Interesting Facts About Yoga

Get Glutes Firing With the Monster Walk

The Monster Walk is a great exercise for helping people who are having issues due to poor activation or weakness of the glutes, primarily gluteus medius. Poor activation of the gluteus medius can lead to a number of musculoskeletal ailments involving many different areas including the knees, hips and even the back. Strengthening them by resisting abduction during a functional movement can be a very effective solution. The Monster Walk has become a staple exercise prescribed in many physical therapy clinics.

See the product links below the video demonstration to purchase resistance bands/mini-bands for use with this exercise.

How to perform the Monster Walk:

  • choose a band with moderate resistance
  • place the band around the ankles; adjust difficulty by moving band up or down the leg with lower being more difficult
  • the back should remain straight and body should remain facing forward; limit twisting
  • knees should be bent at about 45 degrees and not allowed to buckle inwards
  • slowly walk forward or backward while keeping constant tension on the band


  • move one foot forward or back and then return to start position
  • put the band on the forefoot to also incorporate resistance to internal hip rotation

Video demonstration:

video source: Registered Physiotherapist Brenna Casey