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Knee Replacement Surgery Video

If you’re interested in the process involved in knee replacement surgery, here’s a video from the surgeon’s point of view. Orthopedic surgery can be similar to carpentry, but with much cleaner tools. As is typical with this type of surgery, there’s plenty of blood and bone chips involved. The video is graphic. You’ve been warned.

Next step, off to physio.

Mobile Devices and Your Health

Are mobile devices destroying your body? This infographic illustrates the effect that using a wireless or mobile device has on your health weather it be postures used when using the devices, the dangers of being distracted by our smartphones, or even their effects on our eye site, your hearing and your sleeping. We spends countless hours staring at this mobile phones and mini-computers. How are they affecting our health?

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Mobile devices are destroying your body

Thanks to Mezzmer for creating this.


Healthy Smartphone Apps

Your smartphone can actually help you stay healthy. There are numerous great apps available to help you with health related tasks such as tracking glucose, insulin and medications, tracking your fitness routine, providing nutritional information when eating out or at home, and so much more. This infographic highlights some of the top sports, fitness and wellness apps for helping you stay healthy.

Unfortunately the infographic leaves out our favorite fitness tracking app, Fitocracy.

Click on the infographic if you’d like to view a larger version.

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Healthy Smartphone Apps

Infographic created by (site no longer exists)

Social Media for Physiotherapists

The latest issue of ‘InMotion’, a digital magazine published by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), has a great piece on the importance of social media to the physiotherapist / physical therapist. The article includes  a very brief description social media and discusses topics such as how social media can:

  • help you become a better practitioner
  • allow you to contribute to the physiotherapy body of knowledge
  • help you make professional connections
  • allow you to influence health care conversations
  • help you get educated
  • help you promote better public health
  • help you sell your services
  • allow peer review research
It’s a good read, especially for those new to the world of social media. The article is in PDF format and can be viewed here .