Free Your Feet: Why Running Shoes Do More Harm Than Good

Here’s another nice infographic, this time about the perils of cushy running shoes. Barefoot or minimalist running is all the rage these days. This illustration points out some of the history of running shoes as well as a few common ailments that are now being blamed on the increased heel strike often associated with running in padded running shoes.

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Free Your Feet. Running Shoes Fail Us

The infographic was created by (site no longer exists)

3 thoughts on “Free Your Feet: Why Running Shoes Do More Harm Than Good”

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    Daniel Cipriani

    This article is quite misleading. It suggests there are no GRF’s with barefoot running – which is not true…and there is no evidence that barefoot running will reduce/stop running injuries. I support the move toward minimalist shoes, but facts must be the driving force.

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