Physical Therapy Billing and Practice Management Software

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Billing software, or complete practice management software packages have become essential to running a physical therapy / physiotherapy practice efficiently. There are many options available but tracking them all down can be time-consuming and frustrating. Here you will find a comprehensive list of the main offerings in the market. This category of products is softened referred to as EMR or Electronic Medical Records.

If you know of a product that is missing from this list but should be included, please let us know in the comments near the bottom of the page. If you’d like to have your billing / practice management software reviewed, please let us know.


“Physical Therapy Documentation and Billing Service, Scheduling, EHR, and Practice Management”


“Physical Therapy EMR and billing software, billing services and revenue cycle management solutions”


“The only clinic management software you’ll ever need”


“Therapy practice management software”


“Your access to clinical intelligence”


“Practice Management Software”


 “The only software your clinic will ever need”


“Kareo helps you deliver outstanding patient care while building a healthy practice.”

MediGraph Software

“Leading the physical therapy software industry for over 14 years”


“Manage all your business needs, all online”


“Cloud based software for your therapy practice”


“Practice management software for a new world”

Practice Perfect

“Clinically proven to grow your practice”

PT Practice Pro

“a fully featured EMR and Practice Management solution designed to meet the unique needs of enterprise physical therapy practices”


“SimplePractice is an end-to-end practice management and EHR solution that health and wellness professionals use to manage their practices.”


“Find your edge with insights from experienced industry leaders”


“Simple. Integrated. Online Billing.”


“…the only EMR and practice management software designed by physical therapists to be highly adaptable to your unique business”


“Enhanced Coding and Compliance Functionality”


“#1 Practice Management Solutions for Physical Therapy & Rehab Services


 “The ultimate EMR for physical therapists”

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