Tips For Proper Snow Shoveling


Shovel with CareA great deal of snow has fallen in many parts of the world this year and with it has come the usual flood of shoveling-related injuries. The Omaha World-Herald has a timely story outlining many points that should be considered when venturing out to clear your walks and driveways. Some of the important ones include:

  • know your limits
  • set limits for yourself
  • don’t lift if you can push instead
  • avoid twisting
  • wear footwear with good traction

Most of the tips are simply common sense but a quick reminder can often prevent unnecessary injuries. For more on these and other snow shoveling tips, see the original article here: – The Omaha World-Herald: Living – The scoop on proper shoveling. (link deactivated as appears to have removed this content) – The Omaha World-Herald: Living – The scoop on proper shoveling

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    He have endured a brutal winter here in Western Canada, and had probably twice the amount of snow than usual. One benefit from all that accumulation has been all the exercise I have gained from shoveling, and am I ever glad that I had had some training in the correct way to handle the shovel, as I have come through the winter with no physical injury, rather just an improved physique.

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    My neighbor suffered a terrible back as a result of shoveling snow this last winter and I have little doubt having watched him at work that his pain was nothing more than the result of poor technique. Simple tips like this are a godsend. Many thanks

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    Christian Adams

    Thank you for the article you’ve provided.
    Same as John Dale, my friend hurt his back when he was trying to shovel the heavy snow outside their home. He is not able to move well, and is lying on his bed weeks now.

    When snow occurs, people should beware and have caution. It may be slippery or could hurt. Sn ow surely gives cold breeze and many illness occurs, too. You have to be strong enough to handle all these situation..

    Christian Adams

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    Another really bad situation to try and avoid is to over extend your shovel while holding the weight of the snow. It can be tough on the lower back as I’m only speaking from experience.

    Gary Gilliam
    Site Owner: Hip Hop Abs Reviews

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    I have the same experience with Deborah. I had ever slipped when I was shoveling snow in my driveway. The next day I felt pain and lay for three days in bed. What is more important than how shoveling is the “wear footwear with good traction.”
    Thanks for the tips you give because it can help me when winter comes.

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    Richard Jones - Bethesda Real Estate Agent

    How about some advice for grown-ups on how to either make your kids do the shoveling for you? Or what to do when you get snow thrown on you by your kids when they no longer want to do your chores?!

    Richard Jones

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