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How To Become A Physical Therapist – Infographic

This is a very simple and Amerocentric look at how to become a Physical Therapist. Despite this it does have some useful information about what to expect out of a career as a Physical Therapist and a breakdown of where PT’s work.

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How to become a physical therapist

Sleep Or Die

This short infographic illustrates to potential dangers and long lasting effects of not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep affects both body and mind. Interesting key points:

  • lack of sleep makes you crave salty, fatty foods
  • lack of sleep can make you drive like a drunk
  • lack of sleep makes you more likely to get diabetes, have a heart attack, or increase risk of death
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10 Things You May Not Know About Physical Therapy

Here’s an infographic created by Utica College that illustrates 10 points that you may not know about physical therapy. If you’re a PT then you already know most of this information but if you’re just learning about the field, perhaps it will be informative. It may also be useful if you’re considering a career as a physical therapist. For more on that topic please see this article: Becoming a Physical Therapist.

While this infographic is focused more on physical therapy in the United States, the data is likely applicable to many other countries. I would be interesting to find the same type of data for other countries. If you’ve seen data like this, feel free to drop us a line.

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10 Things About Physical Therapy

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Soda’s Evil Twin: The Dangers of Fruit Drinks

Fruit juices are often portrayed by their manufacturers as a healthy alternative to soda / pop. This infographic illustrates that this image is not only false but that they are often even less healthy; less healthy at least in turns of calories and sugar content. Even though it paints a simplistic picture of the situation, it’s interesting to see how much sugar is in these ‘fruit drinks’. And I thought colas had a ton of sugar!

Thanks to for creating this (hyperlink removed as this site no longer exists).

Soda's evil twin