10 Things You May Not Know About Physical Therapy

Here’s an infographic created by Utica College that illustrates 10 points that you may not know about physical therapy. If you’re a PT then you already know most of this information but if you’re just learning about the field, perhaps it will be informative. It may also be useful if you’re considering a career as a physical therapist. For more on that topic please see this article: Becoming a Physical Therapist.

While this infographic is focused more on physical therapy in the United States, the data is likely applicable to many other countries. I would be interesting to find the same type of data for other countries. If you’ve seen data like this, feel free to drop us a line.

10 Things About Physical Therapy

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    Hari Kishen Razdan

    Does it cause any harm, if Ultrasound physiotherapy on affected point is not taken for minimum seven days in a row?

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