Bounce Home Test

To better understand the mechanics of this test and why it is effective, you may want to review basic knee anatomy.

What is the Bounce Home Test?

The Bounce Home Test is an orthopedic test for injury to the meniscus of the knee.

Involved Structures

  • meniscus of the knee
Meniscus of the Knee
Meniscus of the Knee

Starting Position

The test is performed with the patient in a relaxed supine position. The knee to be tested should be fully flexed. One of the examiner’s hands holds the heel of the leg to be tested.

Test Movement

From the starting position the examiner and allows the knee to passively extend.

Positive Bounce Home Test

This test is considered positive if there is a rubbery end feel or if the knee doesn’t fully extend. If the knee is blocked from extending fully, it likely due t

Video Demonstration


video source: CRTechnologies

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