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FlashPack Reusable Hot Packs are...


Soothing heat for stiffness, tension, cramps, muscle aches and pain. Anytime. Anywhere.

No batteries or electricity needed.

FlashPack hot packs work without the help of external energy sources!

Plus, they can be re-used over and over again.

Medical grade quality - perfect for home or professional use.

Instant reusable hot packs

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FlashPack Hot Pack for soothing back pain

Recommended by Physical Therapists

The FlashPack provides immediate soothing heat for stiffness, tension, cramps, muscle aches, and pain. The FlashPack hot packs provide maximum healing potential and ensure utmost comfort. The FlashPack is recommended by Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists, Registered Massage Therapists and Chiropractors as an important new product for heat therapy.

"The FlashPack is an appealing form of professional heat therapy which provides a variety of benefits making it a popular choice among my clients at my clinic or at home"     -- Dr. Michael Westaway, BSc, BScPT, FCAMT, DSc.

FlashPack Hot Pack for soothing neck pain

Recommended by Massage Therapists

The FlashPack is a completely safe, non-toxic, reusable, and instant therapeutic heat pack which can be used anytime, anywhere. These hot packs are great to use in conjunction with massage therapy and are extremely convenient, especially for the on-site massage therapist.

"The FlashPack works great for all my clients. The effectiveness of the product is quite amazing. The FlashPack has a great constant temperature, differentiating itself from traditional moist heat packs."     -- Jesse Heit, RMT, Reflexology MayFair Chiropractor Clinic

Recommended by Chiropractors

No batteries or electricity needed. The FlashPack works without the help of external energy sources! The FlashPack is completely safe and contains non-toxic, food grade ingredients.

"Throughout the past 21yrs of being in the health, fitness and personal development field, I have seen only a few products that I can say are true gems. ...You literally have to 'feel' how incredible this product is for you!"     -- Lars Gustafsson, Owner, The BodyMind Nutrition Center Calgary, AB

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How the FlashPack Hot Pack Works

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Instant Reusable Heat Therapy


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FlashPack Hot Pack Testimonial

"FlashPack brings a new level of convenience and quality to sports therapy products"

FlashPack Hot Pack Testimonial

"The FlashPack is the best heat pack I have ever used. It is just the right temperature to help alleviate my sore neck at the end of a long shift. I use the neck and shoulder model every day."