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The Secret to Better Sleep

This infographic is a nice followup to the previous infographic we posted on the health problems that can result from not getting enough sleep.

On this image you’ll find outlined some of the negative effects of poor sleep and what can lead to poor sleep. It also offers suggestions to how you can get a better sleep. Some good napping information is also illustrated. Read this over and do yourself a favor by taking a nap. It’ll do you good.


The Secret To Better Sleep

Via visual.ly.


The Secret to Better Sleep

Sleep Or Die

This short infographic illustrates to potential dangers and long lasting effects of not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep affects both body and mind. Interesting key points:

  • lack of sleep makes you crave salty, fatty foods
  • lack of sleep can make you drive like a drunk
  • lack of sleep makes you more likely to get diabetes, have a heart attack, or increase risk of death
Click the image for a larger version.