Directory of Telehealth Solutions

Below is a list of software services and applications that you can use for telehealth with clients.

While there are many platforms that offer ‘telehealth’ solutions, this list is primarily focused on software tools that allow remote video conferencing for patient assessment and treatment. We have tried to indicate which platforms have a free version. For most, but not all, of the others, free trials are available.

Top 5 Telehealth Solutions in Physical Therapy

We recently conducted a poll of Physical Therapy Web visitors to see what the most popular Telehealth software solutions are. Here are the top 5.

  1. Zoom For HealthCare – 33% of all votes
  3. Adracare
  4. Physitrack
  5. OnCall

List of Telehealth Software Solutions

Adracare Telerehab
Bluejay Telehealth Logo
    • HIPPAA Compliant
    • Free version available
Logo SimplePractice
Logo TheraLink
Logo TheraNest
theranow Telerehab software
Logo TheraPlatform
Logo VSee
  • VSee
    • HIPPAA Compliant
Logo Virtual Physical Therapists
Logo Zoom Healthcare
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