Add Your Physical Therapy Course or Event

If you’re running a continuing education course or event on a physical therapy topic, you can enter it here. Once approved, the course will be listed until the start date if the course occurs.


  • If your course spans multiple dates (e.g. multiple weekends), please list the dates in your description.
  • Include the name of the city in the title of your course for improved readability;
    • e.g. My Course (New York, NY)
  • If your city or venue is not listed in the “Location” field, please select “Other” and then add it in the form of “City, State” or “City, Province” or “My Clinic, City, State” (where it says “Location Name”).
  • To have a map displayed for your course location, enter the full address in the “Google Map” field.


[dpProEventCalendar id=”1″ type=”add-event”]


We reserve the right to refuse any course submission. We also reserve the right to edit the content of any course listing.

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