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Mobile Devices and Your Health

Are mobile devices destroying your body? This infographic illustrates the effect that using a wireless or mobile device has on your health weather it be postures used when using the devices, the dangers of being distracted by our smartphones, or even their effects on our eye site, your hearing and your sleeping. We spends countless hours staring at this mobile phones and mini-computers. How are they affecting our health?

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Mobile devices are destroying your body

Thanks to Mezzmer for creating this.


The Ultimate Guide To Good Posture

This infographic illustrates the relationship of posture to various health problems. The various problems it describes as often being affected by poor posture include back pain, foot pain, circulation issues, shoulder pain and even chronic fatigue.

Advice on improving posture is presented including posture during sitting, standing, walking, running, and sleeping.

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Thanks to Voltier Digital for putting this together, greatist.com for posting it, and Dr. Ben Fung for Tweeting about it.


The Ultimate Guide to Good Posture