Series 1: Certificate in Spinal Manipulative Therapy


January 27, 2017 All Day

Edmonton, AB

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Series 1 consists of two modules over four weekends that will teach effective, efficient and safe manipulative techniques of the spine.

Module 1 is concerned with the assessment and diagnosis of segmental, costal and sacroiliac dysfunction and how it is differentiated from the more common causes of low back, buttock and leg pain.

Module 2a, b and c, teaches manipulation techniques to the spine, costal and sacroiliac joints and because of its intimate involvement with the lower back, the hip.

Certification comes with successful completion of the practical competency test and online written tests.

Dates: Jan 27-29 (Edmonton), Feb 24-26 (Airdrie), Mar 10-12 (Airdrie), May 12-14 (Airdrie), 2017

The cost of the course is $2550, with a $850 deposit payable on registration

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