Preserving the Active Hip (Regina SK)


Starts in 1 Day, 15 Hours

June 9, 2017 All Day

Wascana Rehab Centre

2180 23 Ave, Regina, SK S4S 0A5

(306) 766-5100



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Kate Spencer

Advances in MRI, arthroscopy & biomechanical research have enabled a much better understanding of hip pathologies… have your differential diagnoses and rehabilitative skills kept pace with these advances??

The hip joint is truly one of the most amazing joints in the body. It is the critical link between the ambulating lower limbs and trunk. Its articular configuration allows almost unlimited directions of movement and it has more muscles attaching around it than any other single joint in the body.

As critical as the hip joint is to normal human function, accurate diagnosis of hip pathology has been difficult to obtain. Recent advances in MRI arthrography, hip arthroscopic surgery and biomechanical research have given the medical community an improved understanding of hip pathologies. However much of this knowledge and information has been difficult to access and as such has not been integrated into clinical practice.

This very practical course takes a very modern look at the structure of the hip including the crucial roles gait mechanics and muscle coordination play in maintaining normal function. Additionally, this course examines many of the traumatic and degenerative causes of anterior hip pain and highlights management strategies including a progressive evidenced-based conservative rehabilitation program developed over a 15 year period by David Lindsay and colleagues (Sport Medicine Physicians, Orthopedic Surgeons) at the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre.

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