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Tips For Proper Snow Shoveling


Shovel with CareA great deal of snow has fallen in many parts of the world this year and with it has come the usual flood of shoveling-related injuries. The Omaha World-Herald has a timely story outlining many points that should be considered when venturing out to clear your walks and driveways. Some of the important ones include:

  • know your limits
  • set limits for yourself
  • don’t lift if you can push instead
  • avoid twisting
  • wear footwear with good traction

Most of the tips are simply common sense but a quick reminder can often prevent unnecessary injuries. For more on these and other snow shoveling tips, see the original article here:

Omaha.com – The Omaha World-Herald: Living – The scoop on proper shoveling. (link deactivated as Omaha.com appears to have removed this content)

Omaha.com – The Omaha World-Herald: Living – The scoop on proper shoveling

Manipulation and Exercise


cervical-and-upper-thoracic-spineA recent article on Dynamic Chiropractic entitled “Update on Manipulation and Exercise – What the Research Says” discusses research examining the connection and synergistic effects of combining spinal manipulation with exercise. While the article does state that not all research finds a positive synergistic effect between the two, it goes on to state that it is “purely logical” that spinal manipulation will have a positive effect on exercise.

A number of studies are briefly discussed, including studies that involved participation of chiropractors, physical therapists and osteopaths performing the spinal manipulations and/or administering exercises. It is interesting to note that one study of patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP) or chronic neck pain (CNP) found “Sixty-four percent of physical therapy patients were prescribed exercise, compared to 33.1 percent of DCs and only 14.4 percent of MDs/DOs.”

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