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Working Out in the Workplace

Most people spend a significant portion of their workday sedentary. Just because people are at work doesn’t mean they can’t get any exercise at all. This infographic shows some simple exercises that can be done while at your desk job and also describes some of the most common chronic injuries that happen as a result of a sedentary job. Common treatment options for theses chronic injuries are also discussed.

Take the stairs, take the long way, and do some exercises at your desk. This inforgraphic will show you how and why.

Workplace Workout

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Mobile Devices and Your Health

Are mobile devices destroying your body? This infographic illustrates the effect that using a wireless or mobile device has on your health weather it be postures used when using the devices, the dangers of being distracted by our smartphones, or even their effects on our eye site, your hearing and your sleeping. We spends countless hours staring at this mobile phones and mini-computers. How are they affecting our health?

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Mobile devices are destroying your body

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High Heel Hazards

Wearing high heels can cause many health risks, not only to your feet but to your entire body. This infographic points out some of the main problems that can occur when you insist on sacrificing health for fashion.

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High Heel Hazards

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Anatomy of Walking

Walking has long been known to be a great activity for maintaining health. This infographic from illustrates some of the benefits that are achieved by working regular walks into your routine. Some of the benefits are obvious and well known while others may surprise you.

Walk your way to better health.

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Health Benefits of Walking

The Secret to Better Sleep

This infographic is a nice followup to the previous infographic we posted on the health problems that can result from not getting enough sleep.

On this image you’ll find outlined some of the negative effects of poor sleep and what can lead to poor sleep. It also offers suggestions to how you can get a better sleep. Some good napping information is also illustrated. Read this over and do yourself a favor by taking a nap. It’ll do you good.


The Secret To Better Sleep



The Secret to Better Sleep